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Uno Comp is a high quality compressor, which is based on the esteemed
Vintage American Ross Compressor. Uno Comp has been upgraded with additional
controls to suit the needs of modern guitarists, whether in their arsenal they
have guitars with humbucker or single-coil magnets, guitars with active or
passive electronics.

Controls are as follows:

Sustain – determines the compression level and therefore the length of the tone

Level – Volume level, volume control

Attack – determines the time after which the compressor starts when the level
of the guitar signal exceeds a certain volume limit.
Guitarists who use guitars with low output magnets are advised to lower
the value of the attack in order to maintain dynamics while guitarists with
humbucker magnets are recommended a faster attack.

Clip – Input gain control that determines the level of the input signal
strength. This control helps guitarists whose magnets on guitars have a higher
output to avoid creating distortion in the compressor. This control also tones
the tone, the most transparent tone is when Clip is at a minimum.

The device is hand-made from high quality parts and you receive a warranty
on its purchase.

The device can be upgraded in two ways:

High headroom mod. The device can be upgraded to work at 18v and increase
the headroom and sound quality.

Relay true bypass. The device can be upgraded with the latest true bypass relay
starter system that has a longer life than a classic mechanical bypass system.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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