Splitter Deluxe




Alexander FX Splitter deluxe is a new product designed for musicians who use stereo setup in studio conditions or in performances.

It was designed after a client contacted us who wanted to split the signal of his bass guitar into two parts, the first to go through the effects and be further processed and the other to be connected directly to the amplifier or recording interface. Splitter deluxe uses active electronics to maintain the sound quality of signal separation and this is done with the help of JFET technology that is known for the warmth of the output sound.

An additional requirement was that both outputs have full range boost or cut control, which means that it is possible to amplify or reduce signal strength over the entire frequency band and thus adapt it to guitars and basses with active or passive electronics. In addition, a mute function is installed to easily switch off one or both sides as needed.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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