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If you are tired of changing the switches on your guitar pedals, if you are disturbed by unreliable 3PDT mechanical switches, then this is definitely the thing for YOU. If you are bothered by the ancient bypass system Boss, Ibanez, Digitech etc. are using that degrades the guitar signal when the pedal is turned off this is also for YOU.

With the help of this kit you can replace any existing foot switch in the pedal, you will get a true bypass, and the relay system can last for TEN years instead couple of years.

With the relay bypass system there is no mechanical click as in the 3PDT switch, the keys that use the logic circuit are triggering the relay.

The advantage of this system in the conversion of Boss, Ibanez, etc. to the true bypass is that you DO NOT HAVE TO DRILL A PEDAL to install the switch, the original key can be used.

The kit DOES NOT INCLUDE the button, with an extra charge you can send one of these two types from the picture.

The installation is VERY SIMPLE, but we do not recommend that beginners who have little experience in pedal modification do this.

The relay system is definitely the most modern bypass system that We recommend to everyone as pedal makers. It’s interesting that companies such as Visual Sound give lifetime warranties on pedals with built-in relay bypass (V2 and V3).

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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