Plexi Drive




Clone of the very popular Marvel Drive by Ramble Fx whose sound is replicating the sound of the Marshall Plexi JTM45.

The pedal sounds great, you can take this pedal instead of your favorite Marshall, connect to a club amplifier and get a world-wide sound.

The pedal circuit contains three JFET gain stages with the help of the J201 transistor, one of the gain stages is also a very popular muamp that is increasingly used in modern pedal drive designs because of the possibility of creating a higher gain level.

High quality parts used, such as:
– Metal film resistors
– Polyester a la Wampler red film capacitors
– Panasonic Electrolytic Capacitor
– Yageo Electrolytic Condenser for Input Voltage Filtration
– Alpha potentiometers with dust protection
– The state-of-the-art relay bypass system.

Parts of the Plexi drive are better than the parts used for the original Marvel Drive, look for gutshots on the internet and compare.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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