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Alexander FX KOT Drive is a high quality pedal with which you can get innumerable colors of your guitar’s sound. The pedal is a bold copy of today’s most valuable pedal drive, Analogman King of Tone, a device which production is awaited even for couple of years.

KOT Drive represents two completely identical pedals in one case that you can use completely separate or in combination. In addition to standard controls, Drive, Volume and Tone, pedal has switches to help you modify an existing soft clipping section or add a hard clipping section.

The position 1 of the first switch provides a standard OD mode in which the pedal acts as a classic overdrive with soft clipping.
Position 2 of the first switch changes the clipping section, and you get a cleaner tone with less clips for volume boost and less compression.

In position 1 of the second pedal switch, it behaves as standard OD with soft clipping section, less compression and warmer tone.
In position 2, hard clipping is added so that the sound becomes sharper with more compression and thus goes into the territory of the distortion.

By combining different switch positions and manipulating potentiometers on one or both pedals you get a wide range of tonal capabilities that can satisfy most musicians today.

The device was improved in comparison to the original by installation of the most advanced relay bypass system for long-lasting stable operation without replacing the switch. The cost for installing the relay bypass system is 20 EUR.

This pedal comes with mandatory warranty.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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