Jfet Tone Saver




Alexander FX JFET Tone Saver is a mini buffer pedal that can greatly help musicians who use long cables on the scene.

JFET Tone Saver is a buffer pedal that can help you to restore your basic tone that has been degraded by passing signals through long cables and pedalboards. This pedal is very important and necessary at the beginning of the chain immediately after the guitar and guitar cable in order to maintain the basic guitar signal. The pedal has a very high input impedance, it uses JFET transistors so that the excellent and preserved guitar sound can be obtained even if you use cables longer than 10m.

A comment by one of the musicians who bought this pedal was that his sound was far more present in the mix and that he was not even aware that his guitar cords tangled the tone to that extent. Only when you try the buffer in the chain you will see how it really affects your tone and how much it is needed.

What distinguishes JFET technology used by JFET Tone Saver is a warmer tone than opamp and buffer obtained with silicon transistors for better treatment of all frequencies.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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