Iron Maiden Multieffect




This is a fantastic multieffect adapted to the sound of the Iron Maiden and in general Marshall based sounds of the music scene of the ’80s. The multifecate consists of several high quality Alexander FX effects:

-Alexander FX Drive 808
-Alexander FX Plexi Drive
-Alexander FX Warm Echo Delay basic model

The essence of this multifect is the Plexi Drive, which is based on the sound of old Marshall amplifiers and whose basic sound is created by Jfet transistors known for warmth and the ability to change valves in guitar effects in the best way. The pedal has two gain controls with multiple trebles and multiple basses to get the effect of two entrances that adorn the Marshall JMP series during the 1970s. The presence control can additionally adjust the sound to a studio recording or a live performance. Master pot controls the volume effect.

Drive 808 is a clone of the original Tube Screamer 808, which is most commonly used by guitar players as preamp to Marshall amplifiers to get a gain boost. What you can get with it is a very familiar mid-boost sound that is particularly good in combination with Plexi Drive for lead tone. The pedal has three classic controls, Gain, Tone and Level. The effect has active tone control.

Alexandar Fx Warm Echo Delay is an analog sounding delay with very warm repetitions. The maximum delay time of this effect is about 600ms. The effect has three standard delay controls, Delay which controls the repetition, Repeats which controls the number of repetitions and the Level that controls the mix of dry and wet signal.

The effect chain is started with the Activate footswitch control. All effects are true bypass, so there is no degradation of the basic tone of the guitar.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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