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Alexander FX Fuzzy Face is a blend of a classic effect from the late sixties and a modern upgrade for as much versatility as possible and a higher quality tone. It’s a Silicon Fuzz Face with our transistor combination and a mild modification of the electronic circuit that provides classic Fuzz Face tone, “Gated” Fuzz, Overdrive Fuzz and classic full sounding overdrive.

What distinguishes this Fuzz Face derivative apart from the combination of a transistor is the Bias Potentiometer, which changes the voltage of the Q2 transistor and thus makes a large number of variations and colors of the fuzz and overdrive sound.

Alexander FX Fuzzy Face is a negative ground in terms of power supply so it can be powered along with 99% of the guitar effects that exist today on the market, there is no need to purchase special power supplies, as is the case with some Fuzz Face models that are positive ground.

By purchasing the Alexander FX Fuzzy Face, you get an external battery adapter that you can use on most analogue pedals as you like, using the battery you get the most stable input voltage and the lowest noise level. The battery adapter is shown in the last picture.

Alexander FX Fuzzy Face can be upgraded with the latest relay bypass system with a clickless button for a longer life without having to change the switch. The price of the upgrade is 10 EUR.

As an option, We offer you the possibility of other variations of the Fuzz Face circuit in terms of choosing a transistor. If there is a possibility to purchase a vintage transistor from foreign online stores, we can easily make an agreement on custom Fuzz Face variation.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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