FreeBird stereo delay




FreeBird stereo delay is the most sophisticated delay model that appeared in my offer so far. It is intended for musicians who need a warm sound of analog delay effect, modulation and tap tempo to fine-tune the repetition delay time. The controls are as follows: – Bypass – starts the effect or introduces a bypass mode – Tap tempo – allows fine tuning of the repetition delay time by pressing the key – Mod – Starts the modulation (spanned chorus effect) – Mix – determines the level of repetition delay delay delay – Delay – Manual tuning Repeat rate – Feedback Specifies the delay effect of the delay effect – Mod Delay – Specifies the repetition rate when the modulation starts. Not active in standard delay mode. – Depth – Determines the depth of the modulation effect – Speed ​​- Specifies the speed of the modulation effect – Dry – Wet / Dry – This manual switch manipulates with stereo output n 2 thus allowing a clean output with no effect (dry) or full effect on the output (Wet / Dry) Tb / Buffer – This manual switch affects the bypass mode of the device, which can be a true bypass without any effect on the signal or buffer that changes the impedance and refreshes the signal, raising the level of higher and medium frequencies that are lost due to the impact of long cables. The device is made from high quality parts for superior sound and long lasting work.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm


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