Flying Rig Multieffect




Alexander FX Flying Rig Multieffect is the most sophisticated multieffect that has ever appeared in our offer. This multieffect is designed for very active musicians playing on various amplifiers in club conditions and wanting as much quality in their sound as possible and easier setup before the show. The device consists of the following individual effects:
– Drive section already tested by analog JFET Preamp simulator Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

– The device has two separate delay effects for rhythm and solo based on the mad professor deep blue delay, one of which is additionally modified by adding boost control for the solo

– As a modulation effect, the device has a completely analog warm sounding chorus effect based on the legendary Boss CE2

What’s also interesting about this device is the loop (loop) in which Mesa Drive is connected and the first delay effect. This achieves better control of the startup of the effects, stacking two delay effects and simultaneously switching from the clean section to the drive like the one in the famous Pink Floyd song, Echoes

The device can be upgraded with the most up-to-date relay bypass system for a price of 10 EUR per effect. Also, as an upgrade, We also offer the installation of a stable power supply so that after purchasing this device you will need only guitar, two guitar cords and a club amplifier that will serve as a clean platform for the effects you receive from this multifact.

The device is made of parts of proven quality that We use in all our effects for a better quality and warmer guitar tone. If you have specific requirements regarding the structure of the custom multieffect, contact us about the details.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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