DS-1 Cranked Marshall Mod




We offer the modification of Boss DS-1 distortion. If you want to improve your classic guitar pedal then this mod is intended for you. After this modification, the pedals will sound totally different and will be compared to boutique-style pedals of far higher price ranges.

The basic tasks our team wanted to complete with this modification are:
– Removing the “grain” distortion resulting from today’s standards of unnecessary treble boost at the start of the circuit;

– Filling the sound with midrange frequencies, providing mid-boost but also scooped mid-sound in specific tone controls;

– The tone control in the factory pedal is almost unusable after 12h due to the amount of high tones that it ejects. After modifying, you can find useful tonal control settings from the beginning to the end position of the tone pot. After the mod this pot is located in the MIDDLE, not on the left as with the factory pedal.

– Stop bass frequencies;

– Get crunchy, Marshall sound;

– Set the pedal to be used as a standalone drive, not just the boost where it is mostly used;

For us to modify the pedal, it must be in good condition when you send it. Service of the pedal is additionally charged.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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