Dr Boogie High Gain Drive




Alexander FX Dr Boogie is a high gain Amp in a box pedal that simulates the performance of one of the most popular Mesa boogie amplifiers model, Dual rectifier. It is a device that uses the increasingly popular JFET technology for analog simulation of amp amplifiers due to the heat of sound and technical characteristics instead of valves.

The device, thanks to its wide gain control, allows you to play almost anything from low gain blues/rock to high gain heavy metal.

Standard Triple Tone Control Enhanced additional enhanced presence by control ensures a quality sound color adjustment depending on the needs of the musicians. By manipulating the four-way tone control you can get a warm rounded tone with middle-frequency bass, rock and hard rock. Tone control allows you to pop into a mix in any music environment.

By manipulating the mid control you can also get a sharp, mid scoop tone necessary for some metal genres. Presence and treble controls will further assist you in fine tuning your tone in this environment.

You can order the device in two variants, in the pedal format or in the rack variant as shown in the picture. The price of the device in the pedal format is 90 eur, in the rack format 130 eur.

Dr. Boogie is a true bypass and does not make any change to your basic tone in bypass mode. It can be upgraded with the state-of-the-art relay bypass system, which is crossed by an increasing number of manufacturers at an additional charge of 20 EUR.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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